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California State Long Beach

As a designer and marketing coordinator, the work I was able to make during my undergrad years served as a great foundation for me to grow from. It allowed me to understand the mediums available to me to create with.

Logo & Packaging Series

Jonsteen Tree Planting Kits

The landscape artwork was hand-painted by me on canvas using oil paint and scanned into Illustrator. I designed the logo to resemble an organic and natural branding design.

Logo, Event Posters & Wristbands

Circuit Day Hosted by Anta

Circuit Day was a workout wellness event hosted by Anta, which is an athletics shoe brand. I designed the logo to resemble an obstacle course running track. This event promoted a healthy lifestyle and outdoors activities. 

Logo & Stationary Redesign

Kieth's Construction
& Painting

This is a local construction and painting company in my area that had dated branding but I saw potential. I custom-designed the logo and tied the unique branding by also doing the stationery and business card.

Holiday Catalog

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn's holiday items are rich in color and festivity so I wanted to capture that in this catalog. the burgundy and yellow colors offer contrast throughout the pages and allow for the festive decor to stand out.

Logo Event Passes & Passes

Gem Faire

Gem Faire is a fun yearly event that takes place in Orange County, showcasing different crystals from around the world. The logo redesign is as vibrant and unique as every crystal is. The event posters are designed with the same unique tone.


Orca Aware

These posters were hand traced by myself in Illustrator. Bringing awareness to this cause is something I hold near and dear to my heart as does I believe the sadness these animals face by being captured is translated through the art and captions.

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