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5 Top Tips for Working College Students

1. Use a Planner & Whiteboard Calendar

Time management is key during college, and even more if you’re working. Use your whiteboard using colored markers to identify events by work, school, and social gatherings. You can then use your planner to write your scheduling specifics such as class and work schedules, homework assignments, birthdays etc.

2. Always Carry Your Water Bottle & Snacks With You

The last thing you need is to be running on fumes, nutrition is very important. Also, have a couple dollars of cash or spare change in your backpack in case you ever need to visit the vending machines. Then again.. a lot of these machines take apple pay now but I suppose what I’m trying to get at is to be over-prepared just in case.

3. Get Your Sleep

Aim to get your 6-8 hours of sleep every night. For some this is at times easier said than done, so I get having to be pulling a few all-nighters every now and then during college. Regardless, do what you can to get your sleep, even if it means sneaking naps into your schedule throughout the day.

4. Make the Most of Your Class Gaps

Whether it’s once or twice a week, try make it a habit to optimize this this time on campus -or at home- for schoolwork. I found that I was the most productive with homework and studying once I was already in my zone shortly after lectures while the information was still fresh in my head, which leads me to the last tip.

5. Use Colored Notecards

If you’re a visual learner, purchase colored notecards and separate by color to identify your courses (green for science, orange for English, etc). This can help you visually keep better track of what you’re studying. Additionally, make your notecards within 24 hours of your class by referencing your notes. This will help you retain what was covered in lecture more easily and you can carry these with you to study during your work breaks.

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