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Applications That Will Benefit Any PR Professional

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Creating New Task

Helpful Time Management Tool | Todoist

A unique and helpful application tool for PR professionals is a task and project management tool called Todoist. The user-friendly interface is extremely easy to understand and has remained so since it was created in 2007. This tool is great for when you are trying to quickly write a note for yourself; and the application will intelligently generate how to prioritize your note based on the key words you’ve inputted. For example, if one wrote “meeting tomorrow at 9am” Todoist would create a task for the following day at 9am labeled ‘Meeting’. Todoist will also keep track of efficiency levels and congratulate you when you are performing well based on how many tasks have been marked as completed.

There are three plans offered for Todoist, the first being Free (for starters), followed by Premium (for professionals) and lastly is Business (for teams). The Free plan allows users to schedule up to 80 projects at a time as well as grant access up to five people per project. This would be a great plan for anyone working on a startup. The Premium plan is $3.00 per month, billed annually, and offers scheduling for up to 300 projects while granting access for up to twenty-five people. The Premium plan also provides productivity trends, reminders, comments & file uploads between users, and project filters. The Business plan is $5.00 per month, billed annually, and includes everything the Premium plan offers as well as priority support, a team inbox, and team

Comparing Application to Desktop

Something that could have been beneficial would have been if this Todoist could link automatically with emails, instead of having to jump back and forth across platforms. However, this application is in fact built to function across all computer and cell-phone devices making it easily accessible in this manner. One could schedule a project on a PC and later edit on iPhone, making it and extremely efficient tool in this regard. Todoist can also fully operate offline, and once connected to the internet will automatically sync updates to your account. As a PR professional one needs to have strong time management skills, Todoist can help alleviate much of the stress.

Informative News Source Platform | The Huffington Post

The Huffington post describes their news platforms as being “for the people - not the powerful” as they pride themselves in providing factual and unbiased content for their audience. Founded in 2005, this news platform takes pride in sharing factual information of what is happening within our country and around the world without sugarcoating any content. Diversity and inclusivity is greatly encouraged.

HuffPost On Application

The HuffPost Plus was annually priced at $99.99 and included perks offered in Premium subscription along with free limited-edition merchandise and possible event invitations where for meet and greets with HuffPost journalists. HuffPost Premium and Plus membership however are suspended until they officially complete transition to new ownership. This is a con because of the uncertainty behind whom will own and operate the platform, not to mention whether they will maintain the same core values.

Managing Custom Alerts

The Huffington Post is accessible across all computer platforms as well as via application to access on a cellphone and/or tablet. The interface difference is the same across all platforms, the only difference being if one is a member.

As mentioned before, becoming a member is free so anybody could log in. A perk of having the logging in with application on cellphone is customizing alerts based on categories so you are always in the know when it comes to breaking news stories. Another benefit is that the application allows you to easily share their articles as a link, or you could bookmark it and save to read later. As PR Professionals we need to stay up to date with the latest news making this application a great resource.

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