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Multimedia Report

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[Irvine, CA]: Paulina Zamarripa’s client, Jessica Lee has recently relaunched her businesses’ branding for Sweet Pea Petals by Jessica Lee. Since then, there has been an increase on her business page’s social media following on her Instagram page. As Jessica’s Public Relations Professional, Paulina Zamarripa has been following a few strategies to continue the momentum gained on social media. More specifically, the webinar created places focus on providing helpful tips and techniques that the target audience is sure to appreciate.

Adding on, the webinar covers the floral arrangement process from beginning to finish. As customers have seen through Jessica’s portfolio, Jessica has a keen eye for putting together floral arrangements. This webinar is for anyone who would like to learn the basics behind designing and creating floral arrangements.

Like Jessica, designing floral arrangements can be anybody’s next calling. It allows the opportunity for one to be alone with oneself while working with beautiful living flowers. According to an article by Homes and Gardens, there are in fact flowers that experts have pointed out to reduce stress. Nowadays, anything that has been proven to alleviate and relax our state of mind can be seen by many as being such a gift. Regardless of what your color palette or floral preference is, Jessica Lee believes that there are floral arrangements and color palettes that will suit anybody if they’re willing to look for it.


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