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Research Brief (MCA)

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

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1) Public Relations Planned Initiative Overview

Capstone client, Sweet Pea Petals by Jessica Lee online presence has been improving since I began working on her platforms but still has the potential to grow even more. I’ve effectively rebranded her company by designing a new logo, equipping her with an official media kit to reference for her branding guidelines, and also designed business cards. She now has been able to attend events and be better prepared for networking opportunities. As of now, Jessica’s website showcases previous floral arrangements for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Jessica’s business and craft has the potential to thrive once there is a proper online presence for the business as I put in consistent work into her social media pages. This campaign to elevate Sweet Pea Petals by Jessica Lee’s online presence will be complete once Jessica reaches a stronger following and has consistent business flowing. Once the proper tools and elements are set in place Jessica will be able to focus more on her craft while more efficiently maintaining and running her online platforms.

2) Organizational Background

The main PR Issue for Sweet Pea Petals by Jessica Lee has been with social media because she is not familiar with managing a business on online platforms. Although she has a professional portfolio of her work set in place, she needs help building an online presence. Having redesigned her logo has given Jessica Lee more confidence in her business and made her more determined in seeing her business grow. As I have been doing, I will continue make sure Jessica Lee has the necessary platforms/programs to reach more followers and clients. Something else Jessica needs help with is deciding on the overall aesthetic and brand look.

For brides-to-be, Sweet Pea Petals by Jessica Lee is the floral arrangement go-to that provides exquisite custom services for weddings big and small because Sweet Pea Petals by Jessica Lee can provide the love and personal touch needed to bring to life the weddings in which dreams are made of. The target audience would for the most part be couples getting married. Also, people who are involved in the wedding/event industry, preferably high-end clients who are willing to splurge on flowers for their events. But she would not mind branching out to providing her services for larger events. Overall, Jessica Lee wants her floral arrangements to bring her clients joy while making their special events memorable.

3) Communications Analysis

Jessica began offering her services for weddings in 2015 but has since been approached for other events as well. This has been a side job for her, but she would like to put more focus on it to grow her business locally in Southern California. My target market will typically consist of people planning weddings or a high-end events requiring custom floral arrangements. Services will consist of Jessica building vision and vibe boards for her clients leading with branding identity for their business. After that is established she will work closely with her clients to determine all of the flowers that will be used for the wedding. Additionally, Jessica will source all of the necessary tools and materials that she will be requiring for the event.

As mentioned before, one of the first goals is to increase followers on my client’s social media platforms. I plan on achieving this goal by creating a successful brand identity that correlates across all social media platforms as well as my client’s website. Additionally, I will be creating more content that might target audience can relate to as well as wants to see on these online platforms. My next goal is to monitor social media analytics to overall better understand what my target audience has like to the most, therefore I will understand what they want to see more going forward.

4) Current Situation

Although Jessica has a strong portfolio of the previous weddings that she has worked on she has no online presence nor branding for her business. This becomes a problem for somebody who is looking to expand their business because she does not have the appropriate foundation set in place for the business to grow. This will affect any potential efforts to growing her target audience via social media, which will naturally keep her business from growing. For somebody who is not looking to grow clients this is not a problem. Jessica could in fact continue to work as she has been in the past which is being referred from brides she has worked with. Why this becomes a problem is because Jessica does in fact want to grow her business and does not want to depend on referrals and waiting for her next friend’s relatives to get married. Social media has become a key tool for anybody looking to reach more people, regardless of whether they have a business they are marketing or not. Also allowing for a proper branding of said business brings a level of profession that is necessary and key to any successful business (Liehuang Zhu, 2012). Once an elegant and consistent branding series is set in place that ties into Jessica’s online platforms, website, emails, printing collateral etc. she will then have the proper fundamental tools necessary to grow her business.

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