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Talking Points & Questions - Interviewing Jessica Lee

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After further research on what clients look for from their florist on their wedding day, important pieces of information that many fail to think of have come to light. Although many of these factors tend to be overlooked by many, it is very easy to do so considering how much there is to tend to when planning a wedding. After further research on what clients should prepare to anticipate as well as look for in a wedding florist, Jessica Lee is in fact the perfect person for the job. From understanding her clients’ vision on day one, to setting up day of the wedding with her beautiful fresh florals, Jessica Lee’s work is sure to elevate the event in the best way possible. Below are key pieces of information that will prove to be a staple in clients decision making process when considering florists, such as Jessica Lee, for their special wedding day.

1. What about this industry intrigued you to begin your own business?

The fact that I could use my creative skills to help bring to life people’s wedding

visions is something that brings me such great joy. I never thought that such a job

could exist, especially coming from a mathematical background. To be honest,

doesn’t even feel like work to me because it feels like such a gift to be able to

bring people joy through beautiful flower arrangements.

2. What have you done or continue to do to self-prepare for such grand events on your own?

I keep a journal of previous projects that I’ve done to make sure that I don’t forget

anything, and I never stop learning. Whether it be researching on building floral

arrangements or reading books on flower species and make it a point to continue

learning. I also take very seriously when people in trust me with decorating their

wedding. I understand the responsibility behind the memories that are being made

at these events.

3. What is your preferred method of communication between you and your clients?

I purposely schedule my clients like I do so that I am able to give my full and

undivided attention to them. As soon as we sign a contract I’ll let them know that

I am available for them to text or call me at anytime of the day. I understand that a

lot of the logistics around wedding planning can be time sensitive, especially like

last year when I had to move vendors around because of COVID-19 implications.

4. How open are you to working with a budget?

Whatever works best for my client is fine with me. If I’m told that there’s a

budget that we need a standard and I will work to keep that cap. Some people

save up their entire adult lives for this one day, so whatever I can do to better

alleviate any stress and help provide my clients with their dream wedding I’ll do.

5. Are there any items that you’d recommend your clients preparing prior to meeting with


I would advise for people to bring any visuals or color schemes that you already

have set for your wedding. I’ll also ask you questions about what phase you are

in, in regard to planning your wedding so that I have a better understanding of the

vision that you wanting to create. My job is to bring your vision to life, so any

thing that you can bring me to better elaborate on that would be a great help for


6. How can clients book a consultation with you?

o My Instagram is the best way for new customers to get in touch with me for the

time being. I am regularly checking my business page as well as responding to

any questions people may have on there. We can then organize a date that best fits

our schedules, whether it be in person or virtually.

7. What are the consultation expectations of this process?

o To be perfectly honest, just as people are interviewing me to decide whether I’m

the right person for this job or not I am also making sure that this client is right for


8. Can the wedding date affect the kinds of flowers that the client can choose from?

Definitely, and I cannot stress this enough. This is why it’s so important for me to

understand what my client’s needs are early on so that I can better prepare them

for expectations of what florals will be available during the time of their

ceremony. Unfortunately, I’m flowers and plants are not available all year round.

9. Is there anything about your operations you would change if you had the financial means

for it?

If I had the financial means for it, I would have a studio where my clients could

come and visit. As mentioned before, I run this business on the side out of my

home. But I’m aiming to grow my business enough to one day have my own

space for it as well.

10. How far in advance do you complete the floral arrangements to the wedding date?

I am to push out sourcing the florals as late as I am able to because I want to make

sure that the arrangements are as fresh and intact as possible for the wedding day.

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