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Full Sail University 

My work with Full Sail showcases a range of work throughout my program. Everything I created and promoted was marketed in real-time offering concrete KPIs while allowing me to grow my network. My Capstone project allowed me to focus everything I learned on growing my clients' business. I was able to strengthen my skills while elevating my knowledge in the PR & Marketing industry.

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Call to Action

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One Tree Planted

This public service announcement was executed with the goal to encourage viewers to plant a tree. Whether developing a brand or creating a public service announcement, understanding the audience that we are reaching is key.

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Public Release Communication

Orange County Coastkeeper

This public release promotes a beach clean-up event hosted by OC Coastkeeper. 

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Research Report

Market & Consumer Analysis

This paper takes you through the preliminary stages of research upon taking on a new client. Through the course of my Master's program, I focus on executing a series of marketing strategies that result in improving my client's business. 

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Media Kit

Market & Consumer Analysis

It was important that my client knew that I captivated her vision of what she wanted her brand to be through my marketing strategies. This media kit captures the essence of my client's brand.

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Live Webinar

Innovative PR Tools

The webinar allowed for my client to increase interaction with her followers and grow her social media presence.

Public Release Communications

Media Relations

This public release was put together after meticulous planning and research were done. It lists takeaways from webinar attendance and a brief overview of my client and her services.

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Video Advertisement

Media Relations

The advertisement showcases my client's previous work while highlighting why my client's services are best. I optimized reach by posting it on all social media platforms.

Event Planning

Event & Marketing Productions

This presentation offered my client visibility on the event planning, budgeting, and marketing strategies used to execute for a successful turnout. 

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Program Flyers

Event & Marketing Productions

The programs were designed to outline the event schedule, one for attendees and another for the working staff to reference. 

Key Performance Indicators

Social Media Metrics & ROI

The KPI's were pulled from Google Analytics. It served as an effective metrics tool in measuring that my marketing strategies were successful.

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Metrics & ROI

  • Along with training my client on social media, I encouraged her to optimize her engagement with her followers. 

  • Pre-Planned giveaways and pre-ordering dates, making sure my client was prepared with propper content for posting.

  • Sent out focus group questionnaire E-Mail blasts.

  • Strategized a social media calendar and set up her platforms to post automatically while gathering analytics.

Reputation Management Strategies

By offering evaluation forms for the clients and staff working at my client's events we were able to obtain feedback from different perspectives. This tool proved to offer constructive criticism as well as presents my client to be well prepared.

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Evaluation Surveys

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