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My freelance projects span from logo design to brand management and consulting. I've listed my most recent projects which have also been the most fun for me to execute. My creative process involves me researching my client's industry, their competitors and providing a mood board to make sure I successfully capture their vision and what they expect from me. 

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Logo Design & Consulting

Embrace It Fitness

This logo was designed to reflect femininity but also strength. My client is a trainer and has been successful in growing her brand as she has a clearer direction on her marketing strategy and branding identity.

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Logo Design

Statton Athletics

The client asked for a logo that captured visuals specific to Southern California. I choose a cursive font for the logo that offered fluid strokes to match the ocean's waves. 

Illustration Designs

Instagram Story Covers

IG story icon covers are small yet a fun opportunity to showcase more content on your platform. These designs were created with the intent of being whimsical and playful as they illustrate the Disney Resorts in the US as well as other fun elements within the iconography.

  • Instagram

Logo & Business Card Designs

Sweet Pea Petals

My client for this project was also my capstone client during my graduate program with Full Sail. She wanted an organic logo, so I illustrated the flower and kept the color pallet light and feminine.

Logo & Business Card Designs

Bliss Estillistas

This logo was designed for a client in Mexico. She wanted to rebrand and have business cards for her salon's staff that were cohesive with her salon's image.

Logo & Business Card Design

Luigi's Car Detailing

While my client does not have many online marketing platforms, his business has grown by word of mouth so it was important for him to have business cards. I designed his logo to incorporate the classic checkered element as he wanted a simple and timeless look.

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 4.27.15 PM.png
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Resume & LinkedIn

As my studies and full-time job pick up I limit my freelance work to consulting focusing on resumes, online brand presence, and marketing strategies. I also review LinkedIn profiles and link with many of my clients via this platform. 

Logo Design

King Auto Body

My client asked for a new design that was illustrative. The color choices were made upon my client's request and I played with the feathering effect implying a revving engine but may also be used as a solid color.

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